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Produced by and a fundraiser for Memories of Honor Franklin, TN 37064 US



Q. What is a Virtual Cycling Challenge? How does it work? You pick the time, location, and mode (you can bike indoors or out). You go at your own pace whenever you like. Post your results, and we’ll send your medal/race swag directly to your front door! 

Q. How long do I have to complete my miles? You have the rest of 2020. 

Q. How do I register for the event? Just click the signup link for the event you’d like to participate in. 

Q. Can kids participate? Absolutely! There is no age limit for any of our events. 

Q. How many miles is the challenge? It is 101 miles; you can view the course map below. It starts and ends on the Ft Campbell Army base and covers parts of TN & KY.  



Q. Is there an app to track my results? If you like, you may use any GPS, Bluetooth, or cycling app to track your mileage, but you will submit and track your results right here on the race site on the RunSignUp system. 

Q: How do I keep track of my miles?  You will log your miles on the Results tab on the challenge website. We'll keep track and show you your progress on your route as you make your way to your goal. You can even earn badges as you make your way through your challenge. 

Please note, logging into your RunSignUp profile will cut down on steps. 

From our main/front page click on RESULTS

  • Click Submit Virtual Results
  • Type in your information and click Look Up Registration
  • Click Log Activities
  • Click Submit 

Q: Can I log miles multiple times a day?  Sure, knock yourself out.  You can log miles once or as many times a day as you like. You can submit numerous mileage entries a day on our submission page.

Q: Do I need a GPS watch or smartphone app to track my mileage?  You can use whatever technology you would like to track your mileage, but you will still log your activity manually here on our website. Click on RESULTS in the navigation to post your mileage and see your progress. 

Q: Where should I complete my miles? That's the beauty of a virtual challenge; you can cover miles wherever and whenever you like! Your neighborhood, local parks, stationary bike, and trainer all are good options. The choice is yours! 

Q: What are the course and the milestones?   

  • Burning Rubber Award  = 10% completed 
  • Road Warrior Award = 30% completed 
  • Halfway There Award = 50% completed 
  • Determination Award = 60% completed
  • Screaming Eagle Award = 75% completed
  • Mission Accomplished Award = 100% completed 


What do the milestone badges look like, and where can I find them? Please see the sample below. Your badges earned are located on your results page in your trophy case. This will appear after you hit or pass your first milestone. 



Q. What does my 101 HEROES RIDE include? 


  • 101 Heroes Ride Challenge Coin
  • Fallen Hero Memorial Bib


  • Digital Participants Bib
  • Digital Fallen Hero Memorial Bib
  • Digital Finisher’s Certificate

Q. How do I get my race swag?  We will send your package to you directly. You will receive a tracking number when your package is mailed. So please make sure to provide a full and accurate mailing address and email address. 

Q. When will my event swag be mailed? Upon completion of your challenge. Please note the USPS is still running a little slower than usual due to COVID-19. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

Q. Do you have other shirts and merchandise for sale? Yes, we have Memories of Honor shirts for sale on our online store


Q. Where do I find detailed instructions on downloading my virtual race bib? You can find detailed instructions here! 

Q. How do I download my Fallen Hero Memorial Bib? Click this link here. There are 50 bibs with photos; you may choose the one you'd like. #51 is a blank bib if you'd like to make your own.



Q. How do I edit my registration? Please find detailed instructions via this link. 


Q. How do I become a referrer? Where do I find my referral code? This link contains detailed instructions along with a step-by-step guided video tutorial. 

Q. How do I see if my referral code has been used? This link contains detailed instructions. 



Q. We have a large group. Do you offer group/teams? Yes! Select start or join a team at the time of registration. The links below will provide you with detailed information and instructions. 

How to Create/Join Group
How to Join an Existing Group
How to Manage Group
Invite Others To Join Your Group/Team

Q. Do you have a TEAM challenge for groups? Yes! We will be giving away prizes from our partners to the team(s) who has the most participants as the close of race registration. It will be up to the TEAM CAPTAIN how these prizes are distributed (if distributed) among the team. 

How It Works

  • Click SIGN UP and fill out your registration.
  • When promoted answer, "Yes" to starting a team or club.
  • Choose the team either to receive a 10% team discount or donations (see more information below the graphic).
  • Choose a team name and optional password.
  • Share the team's link with your friends!
  • Please note the team prizes will be mailed to the team captain; distribution of team prizes is at the sole discretion of the captain. 

Q What is the TEAM/ Club Donation vs. Discounted Entry? There are two variations on each type of team available, donation or discounted entry. When setting up a team, team leaders/administrators must select which option they would like, and no changes are allowed after the initial setup. 

  • Discounted Entry - By selecting this team option, all participants will receive a 10% discount when registering (except during kickoff pricing).
    • The discount will be automatically applied at checkout for the participants, and there is no need to use a code.
    • To be eligible for discounts, team members must select your team when registering. 
  • Donation Entry -  By selecting this team type, you are forgoing the individual discounted entries and opting to receive a donation for 10% of the registration fee from all participants who register for your team.
    • We'll reach out to the team captain soon after the close of registration for details regarding where to send the donations.
    • Please allow up to 4-6 weeks after the event to receive donation checks/payments.
    • To be eligible for donations, team members must select your team when registering.
    • Only registered 501c3 nonprofits, groups, school teams, or other not-for-profit organizations are eligible for the donation.
    • If your team does NOT meet these qualifications, your donation will be forfeited, and a check will not be issued.
    • Please note checks can not be made out to the team captain. Checks can only be made out to and mailed directly to the nonprofit organization. 

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